MSB create optimal value from your supply chain.

MSB has a number of professional procurement practitioners with many years experience across the supply chain who utilise a premium digital technology platform to deliver the benefits of speed, savings, control and insights.

MSB, Building Value into the Supply Chain

Procurement Solutions

MSB apply years of professional supply chain experience, working with the client to map out, service and build procurement solutions, creating optimal value from your supply chain.

We carry out a value analysis covering Policies, Processes, Systems, People, Ethics, Supplier Management and Quality Assurance and map out where and how you can ensure you gain that optimal value.

We service your requirements to deliver that optimal value by utilising innovative commercial solutions in full collaboration with stakeholders and supply partners alike.

We build your business procurement capabilities with you so they remain as the strategic driver for you to continue to deliver that optimal value from your supply chain.

For certain market sectors, we also deliver specialist strategic full fit-out sourcing and logistics within our procurement solutions.

Strategic Sourcing

MSB source products directly from the factory, removing excess costs that are added throughout the supply chain. We source products for a range of sectors including Student Living, Hotels, Assisted Living and Furnished Service Living.

Our supply chain management strategy improves the overall efficiency of your sourcing process through obtaining products directly from the country-of-origin. We have conducted due diligence on all our suppliers to give you full confidence in integrating them as part of your supply chain.

We pride ourselves on our supply chain solutions. MSB are happy to make suggestions on how you can improve your supply chain through advising you on which Incoterms are more favourable for you when sourcing products internationally.

Read about our capabilities in sourcing, what we source and our quality assurance process here.

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